St. Louis North Riverfront

This is a great opportunity for St. Louis to once and for all, reconnect to the river that made it great. This very location where the city meets the river offers a one-of-a-kind chance to create a unique new urban community, by leveraging its historic past, to create St. Louis’ future. 

The amazing potential of the constructed urban landscape of the North Riverfront demands an integrated and optimistic approach to creating dynamic and vital public places. While it contains great but latent potential, the site will require new connections in order to capitalize on them. The project demands a multi-disciplinary approach to the complex design issues of the contemporary city, global experience in large-scale urban design, architecture, and landscape interventions, and a love for the specific character of St. Louis to make this a dream project for our region.

It must first connect the Arch Grounds to the North Riverfront Trail as a means to activate the site.  In order to build upon this connection, new public space in the form of an interactive riverfront park will follow.  The design of the park will promote wellness, incorporate innovative storm water techniques, and include inventive programming.  The park master plan will concurrently be thought of as a way to create value for existing historic resources and entice development along its edges.   A development strategy will be built around the open space master plan to integrate opportunities for sustainable, mixed use development.  Finally, the plan will create a vision for an urban landscape of parks and adjacent infill development that will connect Laclede’s Landing, the Casino and Hotel, the Arch Grounds, and the City to the River front in exciting new ways. 

Project Detail
Great Rivers Greenway
St. Louis, MO
180 Acres
Urban Design and Planning
ASLA Award of Excellence
Architect's Newspaper Honorable Mention