• The new R&D space incorporates the latest digital technology in a comfortable, collaborative work environment


The new research laboratory at Express Scripts receives an award from an industry group for its high-tech and visually rich environment.

When Express Scripts, a national pharmaceutical giant, sought to develop a space for innovation and research, it turned to Forum Studio for a solution. In partnership with experience design firm Clickspring, Forum Studio delivered an environment that combines laboratory, workspace, research, and manufacturing programs in a creative, technology-driven design. Express Scripts has relied on Forum Studio's expertise in designing and delivering mission-critical facilities throughout its suburban St. Louis campus. Co-developed by sister company Clayco Realty Group, the integrated Express Scripts campus is continuing to expand, having recently added a call center and a second research facility.

Forum Studio is gratified that the project is garnering public and industry recognition, including most recently a Gold Award for a permanent corporate installation by Event Design Awards.

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