• Clayco's Paul Todd Merrill is a sought-after speaker on sustainable design and construction


“Sustainability is a long-term investment, not simply an upfront cost”

As a national leader in sustainable design and construction, Forum Studio is sought out for its deep expertise. The firm serves as a USGBC Education Provider, which means that
we conduct advanced sustainable training programs for clients, subcontractors, vendors, and employees. Forum Studio works in tandem with Clayco's sustainable design and constructon expert Paul Todd Merrill on projects and on LEED education initatives.

Each project we design or build incorporates sustainable attributes. Our process is to investigate and uncover all opportunities a project can reveal to meet project specific environmental goals and maintain a project budget. Guiding sustainable principals for our work include:

• The greatest buildings have the least impact on the environment.
• Our constituents and customers care about the environment and the impact that we make.
• Implementing sustainable strategies is neither complicated nor expensive
• Sustainability is a commitment and a long-term investment, not simply an “up front” cost.

Environmental responsibility is a best practice of our entire team and is considered for implementation on all projects, whether pursuing formal LEED certification or not. The design
team is always considering the most creative and best long-term value. Our design and construction team has pioneered exciting new practices: ecological design, biomimicry, adaptive management, cradle-to-cradle design, and regenerative design – terms that are becoming part of the vocabulary for peers and clients.

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